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Europe’s Best Hiking Routes

Located in the extreme north of Sweden, Kungsleden (The King’s Trail) bisects one of Western Europe’s largest remaining wilderness areas. Kungsleden is used by both cross-country skiers and hikers in summer. It also offers an Arctic paradise of tundra, glaciers, birch forests and Mount Kebnekaise. The long-distance route is divided into five sections naturally, making it easy for anyone with limited time. The classic 14-day self guided Alpine Pass Route walk, that takes you past some of Europe’s most famous and photogenic peaks, should be at the top of any long distance walker’s list. As you travel through the most stunning section of the Alpine Pass Route, take in the breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks of Jungfrau and Monch, Eiger and the Wetterhorn.

Europe’s 15 most satisfying and achievable walks for novices – iNews

Europe’s 15 most satisfying and achievable walks for novices.

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The entire route from Saalbach, an Alpine resort, to Schmittenhohe takes approximately 17 km and takes approximately six hours. Considered one of the most stunning high-altitude hikes in the Eastern Alps, it requires some steep walking and long-distance endurance – but the rewards are more than worth it. UTracks offers amazing self-guided walking holidays and small group hiking trips throughout Europe. Although it’s quite short, it covers hot sprigs as well as mountains, canyons and volcanic deserts. Because of its accessibility and easy terrain, it is one of the most sought-after hiking trails in Iceland.

Although there are many huts along this route that offer beds, bathrooms, and cooked meals it can sometimes be difficult to find accommodation due to the popularity of the hike. The Rheinsteig is a hiking trail in the Rhine Valley, a UNESCO Heritage Site in Germany’s southwest. In the late 19th century, it was a popular destination for Romantic artists, such as William Turner, who were inspired by the fairy tale landscape. Many tourists still visit the Rhine Valley each year to discover its timeless charm. The Dream Way is one of the most challenging hikes on this list, with intense elevation, steep cliffs, and ferrata’s.

We loved the alpine lakes and the cozy mountain huts as well as the shared spirit on the trail. Hikers – mostly Slovaks and Czechs – greet with a genuine smile and a cheerful Ahoj or Dobry den.We felt comfortable, welcome, and at ease every day of our trek. We’ve compiled a list of our top European treks for this post. Most of these European treks are hut to hut, which means you’ll overnight in mountain huts along the way. Another great hiking destination in Europe is the High Tatras.

The Berlin High Trail showcases the best of the Zillertal Alps in Tirol. It’s an unforgettable adventure that includes challenging ascents or descents, grand mountain huts, breathtaking views of glaciers and lakes, and rustic and grand mountain huts. This high-alpine route takes 8 days, though you can easily customize the route for shorter periods of time. These Australian trekking and walking adventures make it easy to social distancing.

hiking in europe

Jagged mountains, emerald green lakes, rugged hiking trails, and cable cars all come together to form the perfect adventure destination. The Jungfrau region is now on the hiking list for the second time (and it’s not last), as it is a beautiful area that can be explored on foot with many hiking trails. Another favorite is the point-to-point hike between Schynige Platte and First. Trans Tyrol – Garmisch To Innsbruck tour: You will climb up to 1500m, and will have days where you will cover a distance of approximately

hiking in europe

Hikers don’t need more than a daypack, as there are plenty of accommodations, villages, restaurants, and other amenities along the way. This Dutch hiking trail offers a different experience than the other multi-day hiking trails. Since the Netherlands are mostly flatland, you’ll find no mountains along this route This does provide a pleasant and fast-paced hike suitable to all levels of fitness and experience. But, the absence of mountains does not necessarily mean that there is no natural beauty or variety.

  • The Wicklow Way is most beloved for its beautiful path through the Wicklow Mountains and Glendalough Valley and the easy access from Dublin.
  • The GR20 is a multi-day hike that traverses the Mediterranean island Corsica from the north to the south. It is considered one of the most beautiful multi-day hikes in the world.
  • The route to the high alpine takes 8 days. However, you can customize it for shorter periods of travel.
  • There is also the longer 8 day tour, from Innsbruck to the Dolomites, to consider.
  • Most hikers, mostly Czechs and Slovakians, greet you with a warm smile and a cheerful Ahoj oder Dobry den. We felt at home every day of the trek.
  • This loop trail runs for 10 kilometers and starts at the Lognan station on the Lognan/Grands Montets cablecar.