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10 Best Day Hikes In Europe

So, our definition of a best hiking trail in Europe is one that combines sensational landscapes with culinary rewards. This park is a network of hiking trails and boardwalks that are linked together with shuttle buses and boats. There are numerous “programs” you can follow, which are suggested routes depending upon your starting point, your energy level, and how much time you have. It is possible to spend several weeks in the High Tatras and not run out of hiking trails.

Is there hiking in Europe?

Plitvice Lakes is one of the most unique places to visit in Croatia. This place is ideal for all ages, with its easy walking trails, boardwalks suspended above the turquoise water, breathtaking viewpoints and photogenic waterfalls. The area’s unique hiking trails, geothermal hotsprings, and lava fields attract adventure-seeking tourists all summer. There’s no better way to explore the dramatic and varied landscapes here, from the snow-capped Alps to coastal trails to the remote, volcanic interior of Iceland. This guide lists 20 of the most beautiful hikes in Europe. It also includes 20 incredible ways to explore this beautiful continent.

hiking in europe

Located in the extreme north of Sweden, Kungsleden (The King’s Trail) bisects one of Western Europe’s largest remaining wilderness areas. Used by hikers in the summer, and cross-country skiers in the winter, Kungsleden serves up an Arctic dreamscape of glaciers, tundra, and birch forests, as well as the stunning Mount Kebnekaise. The long-distance route naturally divides into five trail sections, making it accessible for even those with limited time. The classic 14-day self guided Alpine Pass Route walk, that takes you past some of Europe’s most famous and photogenic peaks, should be at the top of any long distance walker’s list. As you travel through the most stunning section of the Alpine Pass Route, take in the breathtaking views of the snow-capped peaks of Jungfrau and Monch, Eiger and the Wetterhorn.

The Berlin High Trail showcases the best of the Zillertal Alps in Tirol. It’s an unforgettable adventure replete with challenging ascents and descents, rustic and grand mountain huts, and unforgettable glacier and lake views. This high-alpine route takes 8 days, though you can easily customize the route for shorter periods of time. Social distancing comes easy on these Australian walking and trekking adventures.

Although the trail can be hiked from beginning to end in two days, most hikers will only walk a portion of it as a day hike. We were able to enjoy spectacular views of Lake Brienz, a stunning turquoise-blue lake, and the highest peaks in the Jungfrau region. For those seeking a more challenging day hike, consider hiking to Schesaplana peak as well. You’ll need 7 hours to complete the Lunersee loop trail and the Schesaplana summit, which is the highest mountain in the Ratikon Alps. Definitely wear sturdy hiking boots and bring hiking poles for this hike. The walking path is a mix of paved, pedestrian streets and dirt hiking trails.

The trail leads over 23 mountain peaks, running through the Pohorje hills, Julian Alps, Kamnik Mountains, Savinja Mountains, Kravanke Mountains, and valleys. The trail is well maintained and uses established country roads for around 70% of the route. Although the trail generally bypasses towns, it is easy to detour for provisions and rest. You can book in advance for accommodation at youth hostels, hotels, or B&B’s along the route. There are also tour operators that offer luggage transportation, guided walks and bus pickups along this trail.

The Vesteralen Islands are a group of islands located in northern Norway, near the Lofoten Islands. Many tourists skip the Senja and Vesteralen Islands, instead heading to the more famous Lofoten Islands. This quieter, less touristy area hosts beautiful landscapes as well as some of our favorite hiking trails throughout Norway.