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Europes Best Walking Trails

This trail will help you decide if you want to spend your holiday by the sea or in the mountains. The national park contains more than 120km (74.5 mi) of hiking and trekking trails. However, the Blue Trailis our favorite because it covers the most in a single day hike. It connects5 different coastal townsand provides you with the best views of both the towns and the seaside.

If you feel like unwinding during the10km (6.2 mile)walk, you have plenty of opportunities to have a refreshing swim in the sea. Originally an ancient Roman trade route, and later, a Christian pilgrimage, Camino de Santiago is Spain’s most famous long-distance hiking trail. There are many starting points, but Santiago de Compostela is the end. This cathedral is located in northern Spain and believed to contain the remains of St. James.

As more people seek active and outdoor experiences, multi-day hiking trips and adventure holidays are becoming more popular. Since I was a hiker in the Alps, I have a passion for hiking and the challenges of multi-day treks. The trail begins in the Encamp Valley with a steep climb to the first lake. After that, it becomes a gentler route to Estany Forcat and Estany Rodo as well as Estany del Meigar and the Pessons Pass. Full-day hikes (4-8 hours), mountainous, steep terrain on many days. Trips with hiking at average altitudes of 10,000 to 12,000 feet are in this category. Enjoy the Dolomites’ alpine beauty with day hikes that offer breathtaking views and time for cultural encounters and spa visits.

  • A network of seemingly infinite trails in the Bernese Oberland area of Switzerland, these pastoral paths are some of Europe’s most lauded.
  • This is one of the most beautiful walks in Europe. It takes you to the highest point in the Pennine Alps as well as the second highest in all of Europe, the Monte Rosa.
  • There are hiking trails that suit every level of fitness, experience, travel style and itinerary.
  • Since I was a hiker in the Alps, I have a passion for hiking and the challenges of multi-day treks.
  • Used by hikers in the summer, and cross-country skiers in the winter, Kungsleden serves up an Arctic dreamscape of glaciers, tundra, and birch forests, as well as the stunning Mount Kebnekaise.

This category includes many of our hotel-based walking tours, as well as our snorkeling adventures. The Alta Via 1 runs through northern Italy’s eastern Dolomite Mountains. Despite the elevation, this high-level Alpine trail is perfect for experienced mountain hikers as well as beginners. It is the most popular and accessible multi-day hike in Dolomites. Alta Via 1 does not include any Via Ferrata or glacier crossings, but it isn’t a walk in a park. There are some narrow sections along cliffs, unsuitable for hikers with a fear of height or vertigo.

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It is incorrectly believed that North Cape is the true northernmost point. However, there is a remote, rocky trail that runs 5.6 miles to Cape Knivskjellodden. To maximize your time at this famous destination, pack camping gear and plan on spending the night at Knivskjellodden. The name translates as the “Hot Spring Route,” but Laugavegurinn is so much more. Along Iceland’s most famous footpath, you will also find active volcanoes, large glaciers, emerald-green valleys, and technicolor mountain ranges. The island’s remoteness is part of its fairytale appeal. Six huts are available along the route to make camping simple and backpacking efficient.

The Pieterpad has a variety of landscapes, from forests to farmland, that are typical Dutch. The trail takes you along some of the Dolomites’ most beautiful parts, with high peaks, dramatic views, and sparkling lakes. It is a hut to hut trek, and camping is forbidden along the trail. These cabins are mostly family-run, traditional mountain huts that provide dormitory beds, showers, and meals. They won’t turn you away if they’re full, but you might have to sleep on the floor.

You can take a train back to the beginning of your hike by hopping on the train at the end. The West Highland Way is the most popular walking route in Scotland, with over 80,000 visitors every year. This trail allows hikers the opportunity to see the entire Scottish countryside, from the pastoral landscapes to the rugged Scottish Highlands.

Where is the Corfu Trail?

Hikers can base themselves in one of the idyllic alpine villages like Murren or Grindelwald and do a series if the trails together for multiday expeditions. Our Mont Blanc region ramble is for you if you like to take it easy and are new at walking in the mountains. A Mont Blanc Rambler tour that is self-guided for 7 days and a smaller group tour for 7 days are available. Make sure you catch plenty of sunrises and sunsets for spectacular colour displays! This long hiking trail, also known as the King’s Trail in English, connects Abisko in Sweden’s north and Hemavan to the south. It passes through a nature reserve, UNESCO World Heritage site and four national parks, making it one of the most wildly beautiful hiking trails in Europe.