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The 10 Best European Hiking Destinations Where You Can Reconnect With Nature

The GR107, which started in Foix, France, takes hikers through huge beech forests and vast meadows. However, don’t expect to walk the entire route. There is a ton of elevation gain and loss, around 8000m of it in total. The mountainous sections can play havoc with injury-prone hikers thanks to the sharp climbs and rocky terrain. The Camino de Santiago today is the most popular hiking trail in the world, but it’s worth remembering that it was originally a religious pilgrimage. The route passes through many fascinating towns, cities, and villages, each with its own churches, religious history, and more.

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Wild camping is legal in Scotland. There are many hostels and inns along this trail. In 2010, the West Highland Way was co-designated as a part of the International Appalachian Trail. Tour du Mont Blanc, which encircles the Mont Blanc massif in The Alps, is one of Europe’s most loved hiking trails. The hike is generally done counterclockwise over the course 11 days.

It is important to take your time and absorb the information. The hardest part of the trail is at the beginning. Hikers should be ready for a steep descent that can be very painful on the knees. It is recommended that you are at least a moderate level of fitness before you attempt the trail. This trek is only accessible during daylight hours. If you want to complete the entire route, you will need to arrive early in the morning. Rolling green countryside is visible in every direction from the peak of Mam Tor!

‘Iceland has a well-deserved reputation as one of the best places in the world for otherworldly mountain landscapes, wilderness and wildlife. “It’s a daunting idea to hike north of the Arctic Circle. It’s easy to visualise hardcore expeditions involving sleds, endless snow and more risk than most hikers are willing to take on. But there’s more to the Arctic than polar ice. Luckily, an intermediate backpacker can enjoy the Arctic route, which is one of Europe’s most popular long-distance trails. It takes you to some of Europe’s most beautiful wild mountain country. Start with a 660 postbus from Zell am See to Kaprun, then make for the trailhead, where you start on an anticlockwise route around the peak.

A train line runs through the valley, with frequent regional trains that stop at almost every village along the route. This allows you to choose the parts of the trail that you want to follow and which ones you want to skip. It is one of the busiest hiking trails in Ireland, with around 24,000 visitors annually. The Wicklow Way is most beloved for its beautiful path through the Wicklow Mountains and Glendalough Valley and the easy access from Dublin. The route starts in Maribor and continues to the Alps. It ends at the Adriatic coast. This allows hikers to experience a wide variety of challenges, breathtaking walking, and world-renowned views.

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There are many hikes and trails around the area, but none more popular than the Pravcice gate Hike, a 10-kilometer hike that is easy to moderate. It starts in Hrensko. The hike takes approximately four hours and leads you uphill past sandstone formations and rushing creeks and valleys, deep forests, and rock castle ruins.

19km . The hike from Garmisch, Bavaria, to Innsbruck, Austria is challenging at times and requires some experience in alpine terrain. This walk offers a perfect balance between comfort and alpine hiking. You can also take the longer 8-day tour from Innsbruck up to the Dolomites.

  • The trail runs north to south, cutting straight through Corsica’s mountain range.
  • Alta Via 1 does not include any Via Ferrata or glacier crossings, but it isn’t a walk in a park.
  • This park is made up of a network hiking trails and boardwalks, which are connected by shuttle buses and boats.
  • It runs the length of the country, near the German border.
  • If they are full, they won’t turn them away. However, you might need to sleep on the ground.

Do you remember the beautiful opening scene of The Sound of Music? It features Maria singing in the hills of Austria. This was actually filmed in Germany’s only alpine national park. Berchtesgaden National Park offers something for everyone – from small kids to experienced hikers. Its variety of flora and fauna is also fascinating and will keep everyone interested.

You will spend the night in two mountain huts (Gruttenhutte or Stripsenjochhaus), and two guesthouses on the way. This gorgeous Europe hiking trail serves up quintessential alpine landscapes filled with scenes of glaciated peaks, alpine pastures, and sparkling teal waters. It is also a great introduction into mountain hut culture in Austrian Alps. The Laugavegur Trek is an extensive multi-day hike through some the most beautiful landscapes in Iceland. It

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