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15 Of Australias Greatest Mountain Hikes

For those that still want to climb the summit, but want more of a challenge, the trail from Charlotte Pass has more of a steep climb, reserved for those who have a bit more of hiking experience. Grampians National Park is brimming with spectacular walks to try out, from the iconic multi-day Grampians Peaks Trail to the quick and easy Venus Baths Loops Trail. But the Mount Rosea Walk sits somewhere in the middle of these two on the difficulty scale, requiring some hiking experience to cover the 12km return track through rocky outcrop and forest. Despite being steep and difficult at times, this is a great walk because of the 360-degree view of Grampians from the summit.

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The entire trail takes eight days to complete. However, there are shorter trails available for those who have less time such as the Lake Wabby Walk. Parts of the Fraser Island Great Walk are far from the island’s villages, so be sure to bring along all necessary gear,book campsitesin advance andstay dingo safe. Further south, the Australian Alps, often snow-covered in winter, is another classic bushwalking destination, famed for its multiday hikes.

  • Serious hikers can tackle the entire trail, but there are also a variety of shorter daywalks for hikersof all abilities.
  • Take a walk on Maria Island to enjoy the turquoise waters and white beaches. Or, hike the Larapinta Trail between Alice Springs and Mount Sonder.
  • Shorter options range from a 400-metre boardwalk offering expansive views over the rooftop of Australia, to all-day walks through meadows filled with summer flowers and crossed by burbling mountain streams.

The best time around to go bushwalking in the Flinders Ranges is around the time in either autumn or spring. The winter temperatures can get very cold, but it is generally tolerable if you have a couple of layers on, but summer temperatures can soar to the upper forties. Home to southern Western Australia’s only major mountains, the Stirling Range towers over the allowing for regular snowfalls in winter.

At 7,310ft above the sea level, stand at the summit of Mount Kosciuszko. This stunning alpine loop track starts at Charlottes Pass, and weaves its way to the top of the mountain range. It passes the Snowy River, several glacial lakes and offers endless mountain views and wildflowers during spring.

The majority of the hike is through coastal heath with breathtaking views of the ocean. However, you will also walk through dense forests and descend to wild bays. Highlights of the Cape to Cape walking track include coastal rock formations, such as jagged Sugarloaf Rock jutting from the sea; cool cascades; squeaky-clean beaches; and sea cliffs with views across the pounding surf. The Cape to Cape Track is one the most popular coastal hikes in Australia. Located in the southwestern corner of Western Australia, 260 kilometers south of Perth, this rewarding multi-day hike meanders for 135 kilometers along coastal cliffs, surf beaches, and forests of giant karri trees.