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14 Amazing Day Hikes In New Zealand

There are many hiking trails here, including the Milford Track (4-5 days). It’s certainly not a cinch, however, with fast-changing weather conditions and some hard ground to conquer. There are restrictions on the number of parking spaces within the national reserve. It is best to park outside and take a shuttle bus to get from one end to the other. The Abel Tasman Coastal Track is one of the 10 Great Walks of New Zealand, and meanders its way through the iconic Abel Tasman National Park.

What does tramping in New Zealand mean?

June and July are considered high season. September is the cheapest month to fly New Zealand. New Zealand is an expensive country all around, both for tourists and for residents. That doesn’t stop people from visiting, though, and it’s actually a really popular destination for budget backpackers. Don’t let the high cost scare you. Planning a trip is not complete without budgeting and saving money. Te Araroa means “The Long Path” and so it is. The trail is a total of 120 days and takes four months to complete. It covers 25 kms per day on average. The North Island route is just over 1,600 km long, and the South Island just under 1,400 km. 10. Remember that nature is free – New Zealand, home to the Great Walks of the World, has tons of free outdoor activities. While the adventure sports, wine tours, glacier treks, and boat cruises can eat into your budget, all the trails and walks are free. Generally speaking, if you want to engage with city culture or explore Maori history, the North Island is for you. The South Island is a great place to explore nature’s wonders. It has many lakes, mountains, and fjords. Start with enough money and minimize worries

To access Roberts Point Track, start at the Alex Knob/Lake Wombat parking lot and then hike to the right side of the valley. Continue following the trail through lush rainforest and crossing the footbridge over the Waiho River. This 12 kilometre (7.5 mile) return trail opens up to smooth rock outcrops, and incredible views of the surrounding mountains and waterfalls. If you are looking for a spectacular single-day hike, you can start at Waikori Road End. After approximately 1 hour, you will come to a junction with Pororari River Track.

The trail is super short at only 700 meters each way but leads to a stunning beach and some caves to explore. You can enjoy the coast, spot blue penguins, or even find starfish at the beach. The Franz Josef Glacier Valley Walk is a short 2.5-kilometer (1.6 miles) trail each way, that takes around 1.5 hours.

However, for those lucky few who do manage to snag a booking orgo on a guided tour, you’ll get to experience one of the most diverse and rewarding hiking trails in New Zealand. Hooker Valley Track is probably THE most famous day hike of the South Island. This easy 10-kilometre return walk will take you past alpine streams and emerald lake, as well as ancient glaciers. Westport is a popular town to visit for any travellers coming across to the West Coast from Nelson or Christchurch. Located 16 kilometres south-west of Westport is the trailhead for the stunning Cape Foulwind walk. The trail is only 3.4 kilometres (2.1 mi) long and takes you to Cape Foulwind lighthouse, seal colony, and Cape Foulwind lighthouse.

New Zealand walks to try before winter – Stuff

New Zealand walks to try before winter.

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Roy’s Peak, a New Zealand hiking landmark with iconic views of Lake Wanaka and surrounding mountains, including Mt Aspiring, is a must-see. Many thousands of people complete this walk every year, but despite this it is a steep uphill climb that should not be underestimated! The famous viewpoint is only 3/4 of the way to the summit, and it’s worth the extra minutes to climb to the top for even better views.

Absorb the varied landscapes on foot, tip to tip, via the youngest of the world’s long trails, Te Araroa–Maori for The Long Pathway–which officially opened in December 2011. Te Araroa, at 1,864 miles is the Kiwi version of the Appalachian Trail. It offers dramatic views and spectacular walks amid lush subtropical forests, snow-crowned peaks and alpine lakes. Not to mention scores of native and endemic and the schizophrenic tui, that abound in all corners. You’ll walk through New Zealand’s diverse ecosystems, including glacial river valleys and rolling grasslands. You’ll also cross rugged terrain and get resupplied in several towns.

The hike to Rainbow Reach takes approximately 3 km (1.9 miles) each direction, while the hike to Brod bay takes a little longer. Wake early and in awe at Luxmore Hut atop a fairy-tale blanket of white clouds hovering over an invisible, mountain-ringed Lake Te Anau. This is your second day on the four-day Kepler Track. It’s one of New Zealand’s most famous Great Walks.