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The Best Hike In Every State

The trail follows a ridgeline dotted with towering oak, pine, and juniper overlooking Pine Canyon and is great for day hikes. Visitors who stick around after dark, however, are treated to fantastic stargazing over Mexico’s Sierra del Carmen nature reserve. The Midwest’s most spectacular hike follows the ridgeline of Lake Superior for 296 mi, from Duluth to Canada.

It climbs up bluffs at 1,000 feet above the lake, and descends into forested river valleys. There is a chance of seeing moose, bear, and beaver sightings along the way. Though you can backpack the whole length, trailheads every five to 10 miles also make it doable as a day or weekend excursion.

How many miles can you hike in a day on the Appalachian Trail?

The park even has a “Hike the Smokies” challenge, which rewards hikers who have explored 100+ miles of the park with exclusive mileage pins. The park has miles of official and backcountry trails with views of waterfalls and old-growth forests. For stunning views of the mountains, take the Appalachian Trail hike to Charlies Bunion. Mount Rainier National Park, Washington state, is home to one the most famous mountains in the world. Mount Rainier rises 14,410 feet above sea level straight into the clouds.

  • One of the top hikes in the Pacific Northwest is the Burroughs Mountain Hike, which is a 4.7-mile round-trip hike near the town of Ashford, Washington.
  • Yellowstone National Park is home to beautiful lakes, rivers and three large canyons, as well as many mountain peaks.
  • Bryce Canyon is a top-rated hiking spot in the United States.
  • With 63 national parks and thousands of miles of hiking trails, your options are endless for exploring the American national parks.

With over 850 miles of hiking trails, there is an endless amount of trails and places to explore. Located on the Grand Canyon’s South Kaibab Trail, Skeleton Point sits three miles and 1,200 feet down into the gorge itself. This rocky outcrop provides 360-degree views over the Grand Canyon and Colorado River. It is the ideal turnaround point for hikers with only one day to visit the Grand Canyon.

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The majority of the park is located within Wyoming, with smaller portions in Montana and Idaho. Yellowstone National Park has beautiful lakes, rivers, three vast canyons and many mountain peaks. Glacier National Park’s Highline Trail along the continental divide is arguably one of the best day hikes in North America.

The Pacific Crest Trail runs through Oregon and you can hike a part of this mammoth trail that runs from Mexico to Canada but there are plenty of choices within the state. We are choosing Smith Rock’s Misery Ridge trail as it’s one of the more famous hiking trails in America. It is only 3.5 miles long, but it is spectacular and steep. High on Misery Ridge, you’ll The Monkey Face Rock, sheer granite rock faces, and calm mirror lakes.

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But the summit of the mountain isn’t the only hiking opportunity in the park. The park has more than 260 miles of maintained trails that lead visitors through peaceful old-growth forest, river valleys, and subalpine meadows. For stunning views of Mount Rainer, and the alpine landscape, take the Burroughs Mountain Hike. This eight-mile round-trip hike to the summit of Mount Washington is a year-round favorite in New England.

If you don’t have backcountry experience, you should hire a guide. This is wild America with bears, glaciers, and caves to be found along almost every trail. You’ll have many opportunities to hike Alaska if you go on a small-ship Alaskan cruise. The popular hike to Nugget Falls starts at the Mendenhall Glacier Visitors Center. Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Tennessee and North Carolina is world-renowned for its diversity of plant and animal life and sprawling mountains to hike and explore.

The United States has some of the best hiking trails in the world. Such a vast country, with some of the world’s most iconic national parks, there are countless incredible hiking destinations in the U.S. Montana has some of the densest concentrations of wildlife in the lower 48, but Glacier National Park is especially rich with critters. Glacier National Park has more than 700 miles worth of hiking trails. The Highline Trail is a must-see.

The Rim Trail is a great hike in Bryce Canyon that offers stunning views and gives you an appreciation for Mother Nature. It measures 11 miles in length and offers some of the most stunning views of the rock formations. The challenging hike to the summit of Colorado’s Peak One includes spectacular views.

Todd Powell/ FriscoAt 12,933 feet, Peak One is more than 1,400 feet lower than Colorado’s highest peak, but what it lacks in elevation it makes up for in unmatched views. The trailhead is located just off Highway I-70, making it easy to get there. Hikers can climb over the remains of an old mining town to reach the treeline.